Areas of research


    In the perspective of the area of training introduced, PPGProdBio has two broad areas of research:


Identification, Planning, Synthesis, Development and Biological Activity of Bioactive Products.

   In the context of this area of research, the bioactive compounds will be obtained through isolation of natural products and synthetic pathways so that they can be later analyzed in vitro, in vivo and also ex vivo.

  The biological assessment is done by means of pharmacobotanical and ethnobotanical approaches, application of techniques of molecular modelling QSAR 2D and 3D, application of crystallography techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance, molecular dynamics and model simulation in the planning of drugs, application of pharmaceutical nanobiotechnology aiming at the technological development of bioactive products, including skin cosmetics, conventional pharmaceutical forms and nanoencapsulated systems, study of bioavailability and of pharmaceutical bioequivalence and equivalence, food-drug interactions and foods with functional properties.


Molecular Systems and Therapeutic Targets

   This area of research aims to investigate the workings of cells, tissues and in vivo in the most varied physiological and pathological processes, including the response/signal pattern of these cells to various (intra and extracellular) stimuli in order to develop therapeutic target models to be used in the assessment of bioactive products and advanced therapies; production, isolation, and purification of proteins and biomacromolecules; development and production of biomacromolecules ; biotransformations and enzymatic synthesis of drugs; development of kinetic enzymatic methods; virus vectors; cellular therapies.

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