The Graduate Program in Bioactive Products and Bioscience (PPGProdBio) of the Macaé Campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ-Macaé) aims at helping its members achieve excellence at developing research activities in the field of bioactive products (natural or synthetic) related to various topics in bioscience.
 At present, our program offers only one area of academic/scientific training: Bioactive Products and Bioscience.

   This area of training focuses on training of highly qualified personnel to promote scientific and technological development in a transdisciplinary way throughout the many areas of Bioactive Products and Bioscience.


     Therefore, we concentrate our efforts in innovation, aiming to discover new bioactive products, as well as developing new drugs, studying new therapeutic targets, biological and toxicological assays of bioactive products employing new therapeutic strategies towards health improvement and which take into consideration the regional and national needs.

UFRJ PPGProdBio - Pós-graduação em Produtos Bioativos e Biociências
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